Rafael Camarano

Group President & CEO, Dorel Juvenile

Rafael Camarano is a visionary leader serving as the Group President & CEO, Dorel Juvenile. Rafael has more than 25 years of experience in business, having founded and managed several companies during his career, with an international history of success, especially in the Childcare Market. With a deep understanding of international markets and a proven track record of success, Rafael is at the forefront of driving the operating units’ growth and ensuring its markets have a leading position in the juvenile industry.

Having joined Dorel Industries with a wealth of experience in international trade and logistics, Rafael demonstrated exceptional expertise in formulating and executing effective distribution & export strategies. His strategic foresight and ability to identify emerging markets and capitalize on new opportunities have been instrumental in expanding the company's global reach.

Under Rafael’s dynamic leadership, Dorel Juvenile has witnessed growth and achieved remarkable milestones in multiple markets. His commitment to excellence and focus on delivering superior customer service have earned Dorel Juvenile a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness in the marketplace.