Dorel's sustainability initiatives span all divisions and are designed to minimize environmental impact. In addition, the Company has a Code of Conduct to which all suppliers must adhere. Our programs include:

Recycling and energy management: Standard practices at Dorel include the recycling of packaging materials such as shrink wrap, cardboard, plastics and styrofoam. High volume scanners in many offices considerably reduce paper usage. Energy management systems for lighting include use of fluorescents, controls for intensity levels and motion detectors to turn off lights in unoccupied offices and other facilities.

Going green: Dorel has developed programs to encourage its employees to use bicycles, car pools and mass transit to commute to and from work. For example, the Bethel, CT headquarters for Cycling Sports Group (CSG) has employee bike storage, showers and lockers.

Creating a healthy lifestyle: The link between employee wellbeing and overall corporate success is well-documented. Accordingly, Dorel pursues a number of pro-active initiatives with the goal of creating an environment where employees can continuously monitor their health and make adjustments to become healthier.

Built-in sustainability: The product development process at Dorel now anticipates and forestalls environmental impact. The Company's research and development center in Europe is progressively integrating Life Cycle Assessment and ECO-design methodology to increase the environmental benefits of new products.

Company-wide minimization of environmental impact: Dorel is fostering sustainability at its divisions with the long-term view of helping to preserve and improve the environment:

  • Dorel Juvenile Group (DJG) USA's 1.2 million square foot Columbus, Indiana car seat plant was converted a number of years ago into a zero landfill facility that recycles over 99% of its plastic manufacturing waste and other materials. The remaining 1% is sold to an outside recycler (50 million pounds of plastic used a year). The installation of cooling tower systems in Columbus (for plastic pressers and air compressors) has also reduced water usage by over 97% or 1.5 million gallons of water per day.
  • At DJG and Cosco Home and Office Products, on-site Health and Wellness Centers provide employees rapid access to a range of services. Additionally, Dorel conducts the American Lung Association's “Freedom From Smoking” program, which produces excellent results and should lead to reduced healthcare costs over the long-term.
  • Dorel Home Products (DHP) holds formal periodic reviews of its policies through an outside firm to chart progress in reducing its carbon footprint; DHP's plant precludes the use of chemicals or the possibility of water contamination in the processing function; its Recycle/Shred initiative significantly reduces landfill use; the facility is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified and audited by QMI (Quality Management Institute).
  • Dorel Europe's research and development center is studying and progressively implementing new and alternative materials in Dorel's products to lower their environmental impact, while training programs on ECO-design methods have been intensified to increase the competence of the center's R&D specialists.
  • At our CSG Bedford facility, Dorel goes beyond government regulations in regard to environmental protection and sets standards for our other divisions to emulate. For example, we now make our bicycle packaging materials easily recyclable by dealers; all oil leaks from machinery are corrected immediately, saving on oil/coolant usage, protecting devices from premature wear, and eliminating potential concrete or other surface contamination; our electric vehicle batteries are charged during off-peak hours; and heated dip tanks and hot water pipes are insulated to eliminate heat loss.

At Dorel we have found that our focus on sustainability produces a win-win result, in that the majority of measures taken to protect the environment and conserve energy work in tandem with the overall goal of increasing shareholder value. Accordingly, our commitment to sustainability represents an important component of our corporate strategy and our efforts in this regard will be regularly reviewed.